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New on 500px : Spectrum by whuang by whuang

Ranking among my top subjects to photograph, slot canyons possess an unrivaled artistic beauty. This photo is one of favorite southwest scenes of all time. When captured at the right time, these pillared Navajo sandstone walls catch the reflected light and begin to display and ethereal glow. Sporting striations, this slot somewhat resembles Zebra slots but this has its own unique aspects of a lengthy hallway appearance lined with pillared walls. It was definitely some of the best adventure and the most fun I have enjoyed exploring one of mother nature’s finest creations.

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New on 500px : Dar La Luz by MichaelBandy by MichaelBandy

I took this photo in the Lower Antelope slot Canyon outside of Page, Az. Such an awesome place. This particular comp seems to remind everyone of a certain part of female anatomy so I went with that theme a bit in the title. Hope you guys like this shot in all it’s suggestiveness.

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New on 500px : Follow The Light by DylanFox by DylanFox

This photograph was taken on my trip to the States last year. I can’t believe it has been a year already!
I photographed some unreal locations and Antelope Canyon really is up there as one of the most unbelievable places I have ever seen!

I spent two days photographing these famous slot canyons and if you have been there it is obvious why! Lower Antelope was pretty so calming. I only saw one other tourist group being guided through.

If you are ever in Arizona you would be bonkers not to visit Antelope Canyon!

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New on 500px : Playing with Fire by DaniloFaria by DaniloFaria

Pano version of the morning sunlight shinning on Kanarra Creek Canyon walls. The wooden steps got replaced for the metal ones after a flash flood ripped through this marvelous canyon. It is still one of the most nning places in the world… Thank you for stopping by and your feedback!

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New on 500px : Taffy Arch by MarkMetternich by MarkMetternich

An arch hidden deep inside a remote SW slot canyon, and lit by rare seasonal light.

The image is a 12 shot focus/depth of field stack with the Canon 14mm L2 prime lens at f5.6 (sharpest f stop for the lens). Dynamic Range was dealt with using my unique “Layer Style “Blend if” technique keeping the image true 16 bit (layer masks render areas of an image into 8 bit in a 16 bit space!)…

My processing techniques are shared on my various instructional video tutorials at WildForLight.com.

Feel free to Facebook me if you so choose.

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New on 500px : The Chamber by exploringlight by exploringlight

A small chamber framed by pillars of sandstone in a remote slot canyon, Arizona.

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New on 500px : Lead the Way by DaniloFaria by DaniloFaria

This spot marked the end of our hike on Kanarra Creek Canyon, the wooden stair that once let people further was totally broken. I can only imagine what’s beyond that fall… Thanks you for stopping by and checking my work!

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New on 500px : Skylight by DanielSeeks by DanielSeeks

One of my favorite shots from my trip to Lower Antelope Canyon last month. This place is so much fun to explore.

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New on 500px : Kanarra grotto by crystallynn by crystallynn

The first time I saw a picture of Kanarra Creek, I dreamt of coming to this enchanted place. What did the water sound like as it flowed through the canyon, what lies beyond the ladder? I am so fortunate to have found someone that shares the same wanderlust, love for travel, nature, and photography. Our trip to Utah was the most amazing vacation, and I cannot wait for the next one. Today is our one year anniversary, so I’m dedicating this photo to my wonderful boyfriend and travel companion, who has also taught me so much about photography, Danilo Faria 🙂

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