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New on 500px : Lake Bled by lesenko by lesenko

Just before sunrise at Lake Bled, Slovenia

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New on 500px : Ljubljana roofs by ubaruch by ubaruch

A section of the old city of Ljubliana, shot form the caste towering above the city.

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New on 500px : Bled Lake – Sunrise in Slovenia by BrunoBiancardi by BrunoBiancardi


A composition I took in the morning, just a couple of minutes after the sun rose. I walked to the boardwalk on the south-west coast, that offers a gorgeous vantage point to the lake. The clouds in the sky shielded the sun masking the colors of the morning but also producing a perfectly soft light, that really became the key element of the scene, so I tried to keep the composition as simple as possible, with just a fallen log in the foreground, and the small island and the mountains in the background, letting the light play its leading role.

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New on 500px : Slovenian Tuscany by darkogersak by darkogersak

In the hilly surroundings of Maribor is very similar to the beauties of Tuscany.

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New on 500px : The Connection by Phrasikleia by Phrasikleia

On this evening I accidentally jumped into the car wearing only a pair of ill-fitting garden clogs and forgot to toss my hiking boots in the back. I realized my predicament only after being on the road for nearly an hour. I was quite disgusted with myself when it occurred to me that my footwear mishap would put me in a rather precarious situation for my chosen destination. With great chagrin, I abandoned my plan and changed course for this lake, arriving at its shore right as a storm rolled in sooner than expected. As it turned out, the weather was far more conducive to shooting at the lake than it would have been for my originally intended location. Sometimes an unfortunate situation is just the gateway to happiness.

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