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New on 500px : Bled Lake – Sunrise in Slovenia by BrunoBiancardi by BrunoBiancardi


A composition I took in the morning, just a couple of minutes after the sun rose. I walked to the boardwalk on the south-west coast, that offers a gorgeous vantage point to the lake. The clouds in the sky shielded the sun masking the colors of the morning but also producing a perfectly soft light, that really became the key element of the scene, so I tried to keep the composition as simple as possible, with just a fallen log in the foreground, and the small island and the mountains in the background, letting the light play its leading role.

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New on 500px : THIS IS SLOVENIA by BenoSaradzic by BenoSaradzic

There are some moments in life you can’t afford to pass. I took this photograph at the end of my all too brief, yet most wonderful trip to Slovenia. I wasn’t planning, or expecting it, but I sure as hell was ready to capture it. This is what Trnovo Forest and the Slovenian Alps looked like on the 3rd May 2014, right after the rainy day. I used Canon 550D and Canon 55-250mm lens, without the tripod. 5-stop exposure bracket was triggered with the Magic Lantern firmware. Post processing: 5-stop HDR/Dynamic Blending combination, Image was pre-processed with Lightroom 4.4. HDR Tonemapping was done with Oloneo PhotoEngine. Final polish was performed with Photoshop CC, Viveza 2 and Topaz ReStyle.
via 500px http://ift.tt/1kzq5wT
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