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New on 500px : heading home by zanthia by zanthia

Friday, the last morning had arrived. Everyone was still sleeping. In a few hours we would leave the east coast for a long ride home. Still enough time to take the camera and explore the tiny islands right before our tent.

Västervik, Sweden

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New on 500px : SUN AND RAINY CLOUDS by pinostranieri by pinostranieri

a stormy summer day. heavy rainy clouds and sun.

single shot post processed in LR5

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New on 500px : Morning Glory (Bastei) by RolfNachbar by RolfNachbar

This morning I had the chance to have the “Bastei” completely for my own. No tourists, no other photographers – just me, the light and the landscape!
Hope you can share my joy about this:-)

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New on 500px : summer sunset by RolfNachbar by RolfNachbar

It’s the same tree like in my last post, but not a long exposure like the previous one and less dramatic from the point of view.
For me it is a very peaceful summer sunset and working on this image was a relaxation from the daily ups and downs…

Hope, you enjoy this sunset!!!

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New on 500px : Football or Photo? by RolfNachbar by RolfNachbar

Well, plan A for tonight was to relax after a hard week and watch the football world championship on TV.
After I saw how the sky developed short before sunset, I switched the plan to version B and visited my old friend, the lonely maple tree with the camera. Unfortunatly a car parked right under the tree, so I had to dive into the yeast field to cover it…
Decide yourself what’s better: Watching a game or go out for shooting photos:-)
Have a nice weekend!

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