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New on 500px : Tasman Valley by highluxphoto by highluxphoto

Tasman Valley and Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake at dawn. Burnett Mountains and Nuns Veil mid frame. Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand.

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New on 500px : Step by Step by christianlim by christianlim

mount cook sunset light from the hooker glacier lake…. i think one more trip back here should be enough for me…. this is trip no5.

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New on 500px : The Church of the Good Shepherd by monsur by monsur

The Church of the Good Shepherd with the Southern Alps in the background.

A very peaceful place.

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New on 500px : Anti-Earth Gate by christianlim by christianlim

creepy golden hour at tekapo, playing around with the shutter. getting some forms from the lenticular clouds, this one like a portal opening.

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New on 500px : Light of Ages by christianlim by christianlim

Mt Cook and Mt Tasman partially hidden with sunrise colored clouds to the left side. I maxed out all the detail and exposure I could control on 1 shot (as the base image) then took 4 more so I could complete the mood I wanted. Rendered this one a bit dark as it best conveys that moment that was given.

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New on 500px : Relight the Fire by christianlim by christianlim

i was thinking if I should drive out to the dunes or not, i had to drive iurie and another friend to the lake to catch this sunrise… i wanted to shoot something else but that had to wait after this image, I had the best light here last winter….


another possibility presented itself this time with still water on the shore so I went in to shoot at the last minute. worth the decision as the light did not last long at the plains due to some middle cloud.

this image was taken a couple of inches from the water and up close on some small pcs of rock along the shore and is a stacked multiple focus image.

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New on 500px : Her Majesty by christianlim by christianlim

i still consider sunrise to be the best time to take photos of mt cook even if it does not get direct alpen glow from this side of her vantage points.

Nonetheless, this is the first time I took a shot from the river during sunset, was at the glacier during my first trip in 2011 and in between 3 trips was always hunting for sunrise light.

Still quite stunning too see, this one taken after I had plunged 500 dollars worth of filters into the river, had to fish them out from the cold glacial water.

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New on 500px : How Grand by colinbooks by colinbooks

Every time I come to a new place it’s the mountains that get me. You can’t look out at that and feel anything but small.

How grand that is.

Arthur’s Pass National Park, NZ.

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