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New on 500px : Beautiful New Day!!! by iluvmtns2 by iluvmtns2

Up and headed up to the lake by 4:30 am, this shot taken about 6:00 am, with 33 degrees cold, but so worth the wait and the freezing cold. The lake was very calm, used a 6 stop ND filter to further calm the water and capture this moment of nature’s calm beauty and serenity

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New on 500px : Reflection by ZachBlackwood by ZachBlackwood

Sunrise at Sparks Lake with the usual calm waters for a great reflection of the mountains.

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New on 500px : A Kiss by Bates8Mary by Bates8Mary

A kiss of alpenglow on the South Sister, one of the Three Sisters, as seen from Sparks Lake. Outside of Bend, OR.

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New on 500px : Sparks Lake Sunset by ZachBlackwood by ZachBlackwood

I was blessed with epic clouds and great color for sunset on the 4th at Sparks Lake. Photos just don’t do the amazing texture and depth that were in the clouds in person, but this is my attempt at portraying that awe inspiring feel you get in nature.

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New on 500px : Thunder Light by skylerhughes by skylerhughes

Last Friday my dog and I headed up the Cascade Lakes Highway during a thunderstorm to catch sunset. It was raining on our drive up, but I have had good luck with thunderstorms in the past. Usually ending in some of the best sunsets I have seen. This was one of them.

The sunset lasted a half hour. It was crazy to have this good of light for thirty minutes. It left a lot of time for me to find a good composition.

After Friday I backpacked into Tumalo and have a lot more photos to share this week. For more of my work visit http://ift.tt/1o0yXkj

Thank you

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