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New on 500px : World’s biggest cave by john13 by john13

Megan gazes up to a sky hole in Hang Son Doong, Vietnam. The opening is more than 100 meters higher than the unique spiral stalagmite she is standing on. The cave walls here are sheer cliffs and there is no way out. The light and rain entering the hole in the cave ceiling fosters growth of low-light plants, ferns and moss.

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New on 500px : Lighting the dark by john13 by john13

Five kms inside the world’s biggest cave, in the darkest section of the massive passage. Hang Son Doong in Vietnam contains some impressive stalagmites and flowstone formations. This shot is illuminated with 3 powerful LED lights. Josh Morris is the caver model who managed to stay motionless for the 68 sec exposure.

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New on 500px : Hang Son Doong skyhole by john13 by john13

A caver admires the view beneath an enormous hole in the ceiling of the world’s biggest cave in Vietnam.

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New on 500px : World’s biggest cave by john13 by john13

Stalagmites and flowstone in one of the smaller passages in Hang Son Doong, Vietnam.

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New on 500px : Whisperers in the dark by lolongan by lolongan

Sửng Sốt cave, Bồ Hòn island, Hạ Long Bay

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