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New on 500px : Moon Shadow – Mount Hood, Oregon by DaveMorrow by DaveMorrow

In my opinion this is one of Mount Hood’s most under rated vantage points, especially in the winter months. We arrived just after midnight as the rising moon was sitting low in the sky casting shadows and amazing light over most of the landscape.

With a tall snow embankment on my left, the moon’s light didn’t touch the foreground but blazed it’s light across the remainder of the landscape. Slight cloud cover gives a nice glow to the stars with Mount Hood looming in the background. When printed full size you can see the snow flakes sparkle in the light, but standing there it almost felt like there were small blinking lights covering the ground.

This photo is composed of two shots ( same composition ), 1 at a short exposure time / high ISO to capture the stars without creating star trails. Another shot was taken at lower ISO and longer exposure time to capture the rest of the scene without generating as much noise. These two shots were taken seconds apart to capture what I saw that night. Fresh snow + night skies = Good times!

If you’re interested in learning how to post process or take shots like this, Michael Shaiblum and I just launched our new website http://ift.tt/19O2rOv which is solely dedicated to night sky & star photography education, tutorials, mentoring and workshops.
Head on over to the website and check out my Free Star Photography Tutorial for Milky Way & Star Trail shots and our Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorials where we teach you our post processing workflow from start to finish!
I also wrote a Star Photography Tutorial for the Editors at 500PX that you may enjoy. — > 500PX Star Photography Tutorial

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New on 500px : Dust lane halo by BenCoffman by BenCoffman

This photo marks my last acquisition for this new moon cycle, although I still have a couple unfinished photos that I took in the past two weeks waiting for me to edit. I should get to those shortly. My main tripod (a Benro) is out of commission at the moment due to a flip-lock failure. Yes, strangely enough, those plastic pieces are prone to breaking. Hopefully their customer service can get me going shortly, but in the mean time I’m going to enjoy getting a little extra sleep.

This is the Locust Grove church.

Prints, night-sky workshops, and a tutorial on how to properly brush your teeth with pretzels can be found at my website.

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New on 500px : Steel sunflower by BenCoffman by BenCoffman

‘Twas a weird week for star photography. Despite lots of blue sky and weather forecasts that inspired grand plans and a whole lotta optimism, I still managed to get skunked twice. One time at the coast at around 2 am, as I sat in my car looking at two–TWO–weather apps telling me that I was experiencing clear conditions despite heavy rains pelting my roof. The other time was a more subtle skunking, as some insidious thin clouds on the southeastern horizon totally obscured the galactic center of the Milky Way, despite the other 98% of the sky being crystal clear. Such is star photography, I suppose. The good nights more than make up for the bad. Here’s one of my photos from the Oregon outback. This windmill is in surprisingly great shape despite the property around it falling apart. Internet high five, Aermotor Windmill Company! *Ben Coffman Photography* Prints/night sky workshops: bencoffmanphotography.com Facebook: http://ift.tt/1kw38uA G+: http://ift.tt/1jqRrZq Twitter: http://ift.tt/1kw38uE Flickr: http://ift.tt/1jqRrZs 500px: http://ift.tt/11mtmK7
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