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New on 500px : Wide Glow by BrandtM by BrandtM

Typically I don’t like to post two photos in a row from the same setting, however, after working up the first shot from this location, I processed this wider view that takes in the sky and sun, which were missing from the first. I think this comp. captures the “Glow” experience that evening better than the first. I also broke down and purchased a Spyder4Pro monitor color calibrator, so this should technically be a more accurate edit, I hope anyway.
Thank you for looking.
Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Sunset Glow by BrandtM by BrandtM

Last light creating a great back light glow on grasses and wildflowers on Steptoe Butte.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : The Promise by protik by protik

Ever since I came across of Chip Phillip’s take on this scene http://ift.tt/1kUf52H , I wanted to have a version of my own. But for the last few years things were just not lining up. In some years the patterns were not ‘perfect’ while the other times I was not there in the ‘right’ season.
Even this year I was late by 2-3 weeks from the peak colors. Moreover it was extremely windy with rain drops when i appeared on the steptoe buttee. The sky was covered with thick clouds. I thought about going back to the motel multiple times, but as optimistic as i am, decided to hang in there anyway. It paid off.
Just before the sunset, the horizon started opening up. Yes it was way too windy and was a constant struggle keeping the front element free of rain drops, but how can you complian when you get this kind of magic light? While i was capturing this, the most perfect rainbow appeared on the sky to my left .
More pics to follow 🙂

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New on 500px : Fields of Green by peytonhale by peytonhale

**As always, prints are available via contact through my website**

I headed out with Grant Meyer last night despite feeling poorly from some bad food on my return trip up from Peru (I again blame LAX). Socked in for most of the day we decided to give it a shot anyways and for a few pockets in the afternoon were rewarded with some good light on the hills.

While most people stuck to the roadside pullouts Grant and I headed down the hill to get a closer perspective and it payed off. Looking forward to hitting up some other locations now that most areas are popping with green and things are warming up a bit.

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New on 500px : Spring Layers by BrandtM by BrandtM

This is a reprocess from two seasons ago using my current workflow. I have photographed this same comp. four or five times since, but have never come close to the combination of light, color and layers that were captured here.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Awakening by BrandtM by BrandtM

I am fortunate to live on the edge of the Palouse and eagerly await its awakening each spring. Sometimes it seems that it will lay dormant forever, then a few days of warm weather and it seems to just suddenly emerge from it’s slumber. It is finally that time of year, and from here on out the fields will rapidly grow and present a tapestry of greens and hues that will change almost daily, a photographers dream. Michael Brandt Photography
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