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New on 500px : Twillingate, NL at sunset by hckygrl by hckygrl

Twillingate, at the border between a sunny evening and a large storm.
It’s June: the ice chunks are pieces of icebergs that reached the shore (the air temperature was just over 20C/68F)

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New on 500px : Event Horizon by JasonWeingart by JasonWeingart

Another severely clear, hot, summer day here in Central Texas, so I spent some of it toiling around in Photoshop, working on a composite. Considering doing a series of these, think they could do well at art shows.

Foreground (beach and storm)
15 seconds
ISO 250

Background (Milky Way)
25 seconds
ISO 6400

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New on 500px : Foothill Magic by KyleFowler by KyleFowler

A Supercell rolls off the foothills of Southern Alberta July 10, 2014

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New on 500px : Scars by aleksandargospic by aleksandargospic

The eternal battle between land and water, in which the land always pulls the short end, often leaves fascinating scars

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New on 500px : Storm Over the Creek by bodson15 by bodson15

Taken as a storm was just leaving which made for some amazing clouds and colours at sunset.

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New on 500px : Palouse Mood by eyeofalens by eyeofalens

Please pop Palouse Mood on Black

Another take on a Palouse Mood shot taken on my recent trip to
Oregon & Washington State .
These falls are rather surreal being that they are in the middle of nowhere.
I have intentionally made the clouds moodier by adding the extra color to the clouds

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New on 500px : The Strike by GreggB by GreggB

The monsoon season brings some amazing “fireworks” in north west. I took this shot in Nevada in the Valley of Fire a couple of days ago at night. The timing was just right, and with some luck I managed to capture this beautiful thunder strike.
Enjoy it against the black background.

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New on 500px : The Sunsetter by dennisoswald by dennisoswald

Going to the Great Plains and chase weather is a big adventure, my passion and freedom for me. If I am able to share moments like in this picture above with friends I’m happy.

This tornado had not injured any people and did not any damage.
It was just awesome to watch the cloud motion and the light.

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