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New on 500px : Streakin’ 2 by MarkMetternich by MarkMetternich

Another from my recent “Pearls of Oregon” Workshop. Using the 14mm and a high tripod position we held our positions in the surf and literally took hundreds of consecutive images as the waves came in and receded. My clients got some fabulous images and then we took a break at the famous Pelican Pub for laughter and grub! Feel free to Facebook me or go to WildForLight.com for more information. *As always, most accurately viewed on a carefully calibrated desktop monitor and viewed through a color managed web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
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New on 500px : Streakin’ by MarkMetternich by MarkMetternich

During my “Pearls of Oregon” Workshop we almost always drop by Cape Kiwanda for some seascape action (and grub at the Pelican Pub!). Here my clients wanted to learn how to get that water streaking look, so we set up with the wide angle and braved the surf. I had pre-visualized this image hoping for some nice soft pink morning light and a simply approach. We were very happy that the morning light delivered.
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New on 500px : Maui’s Pearl by TedGore by TedGore

A fireball of a sunset in december on the island of Maui. Taken only minutes from my other image. You may recognize the sky. I was lucky that evening having both of these scenes only a few minutes walk from each other. I love how the shape of the cloud in the sky mimics the swirling of water around the rock in the foreground, and it reminded me of an open shell of a clam. This beach was a short stroll from the resort my wife and I stayed at, and just after I took this we had reservations for a perfect ocean front dinner. I took the shot, actually with my dinner attire on, and then walked back to the restaurant and sat down for dinner. Pretty much the best night ever.
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