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New on 500px : Paragliding Stubai Valley by tejass by tejass

The Stubai Valley is known by paragliders far beyond the local boundairies.

The Stubai Cup is an annual paragliding “Testival” in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Pilots from all over the world are able to experience flying in the mountains of Tirol (Tyrol) Austria. Many paragliding companies are represented there and ready to offer pilots the opportunity to fly a wide variety of paragliders, including the latest and greatest.

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New on 500px : Stubai Valley Schlick 2000 by tejass by tejass

Tucked away in a beautiful alpine valley, Schlick 2000 Ski Resort is one of Tirol skiers’ best-kept secrets offering breathtaking views, acres of superb mountain terrain rising from 1,000 to 2,230 meters, and a stress-free, relaxing experience… The elevation advantage translates to an abundance of natural snowfall every season and consistently good snow conditions are a sure thing from November to April.

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