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New on 500px : © Sunflowers by MaurizioP by MaurizioP

Effetto Van Gogh impressionista su questo campo di girasoli ,utilizzo dello zooming per marcare la curvatura delle linee ,perdere riferimenti visivi e gettarsi nell’immagine .

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500px Editors’ Choice : Break the rules by AndreasJones

I had a few questions on why the sunflowers are facing east.

The phototropic ones only follow the sun for a period. When the sunflower is growing the stem & material is soft and pliable, the unbloomed bud is light and will follow the sun during this phase. However, when the sunflower blooms the sunflower slowly stops growing, instead putting the energy into the seed head. At this point the rest of the sunflower (stem, etc.) starts to solidify, and will eventually solidify facing in an eastwardly direction and the bloom will no longer follow the sun. So, the phototropic ones do follow the sun but only for a time and once bloomed will eventually “freeze” facing in an eastwardly direction.

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New on 500px : Giving Tree by MajeedBadizadegan by MajeedBadizadegan

website || facebook Don’t be whack, view on black! I enjoyed this sunrise out at Rowena Crest. I could shoot flowers all day. These are wild balsam-root sprout like crazy this time of year. My balhead plate is severely failing, so it took about 5 minutes just to compose/level. This one was a very complicated blend with multiple images stacked for focus and exposure.
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