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New on 500px : Neuschwanstein Castle by davidhendershot2012 by davidhendershot2012

Probably the most beautiful castle you will ever see. Nestled deep in Bavaria on the Alps dividing Germany and Austria, this is the most stunning location for a truly majestic piece of architecture. You have to go see it in person!

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New on 500px : 24 PM by kirshbom by kirshbom

Taken at midnight, the sun is just hidden behind the “Devil’s Jaw” mountain in Senja, Norway, but never set.

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500px Editors’ Choice : Aerial by dotson

Shot at Sunset at Salt Creek in Dana Point. It was a beautiful day and I was lucky to get this shot. I love capturing sports in action especially around sunset!


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New on 500px : Red Sunset by rgoulet3 by rgoulet3

cleaning up some of last years pics realized I hadn’t put some of my sunsets up. This lake is located just a few miles from my home and often go there to capture sunsets. I processed this pic with Topaz Clarity, hope you enjoy and have a great weekend my friends.

Please click on image to view in black screen.

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