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New on 500px : Visingsö Jetty by FGraas by FGraas

Another weekend spent with beautiful sunsets at Visingsö

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New on 500px : heading home by zanthia by zanthia

Friday, the last morning had arrived. Everyone was still sleeping. In a few hours we would leave the east coast for a long ride home. Still enough time to take the camera and explore the tiny islands right before our tent.

Västervik, Sweden

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New on 500px : With peace in mind by ChristianHvolby by ChristianHvolby

One of many beautiful landscapes from my weekend vacation to our summer place in sweden.

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New on 500px : House with a view by JohanSodercrantz by JohanSodercrantz

A beautiful and calm early morning in april when the first sun rays hits the remote island Röder in the Stockholm archipelago.

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New on 500px : Coast of the island by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

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Website: http://ift.tt/JX9CaF

The sun was setting, lighting up with the last rays the stones in the foreground.
A few years earlier I had photographed this same point. It was interesting go back there to make a shot with a lens that previously I didn’t possess, obtaining a larger view.
The island of Vrångö, located to the west of Gothenburg, in Sweden, is the less populated of the islands of Göteborgs Södra Skärgård and offers some very interesting scenarios.

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New on 500px : White Boat Oresund Sunset by eyeofalens by eyeofalens

Please pop White Boat Oresund Sunset on Black

Another image from my remarkable evening some weeks back knee deep out in the Oresund looking towards the magnificent Oresund bridge that spans between Sweden & Denmark .
The boat by this stage had slowly moved itself to this angle with the slow moving undercurrent as the tide came in.
The glass like conditions stayed like this for quite some time before a light breeze blew in from the south behind me.

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New on 500px : Kronholmen by fredrikrollman by fredrikrollman

The house is the old club house at Visby Golf Club on the Swedish island Gotland.

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