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New on 500px : Salt Flat by kevinhuangphoto by kevinhuangphoto

Tainan’s salt flats on a golden sunny day. A more traditional form of harvesting salt by using evaporation and very thin/calm water.

After taking the shot, I went to try the local salt treats such as salty ice cream,etc. When I came back to my spot two other photographers were set up there for the sunset and there was no space left.

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New on 500px : Direction by jellyfire by jellyfire

Took a trip to Happisburgh on Friday morning, to be mostly met with drizzle, but managed to get a few shots of the lighthouse

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New on 500px : The Connection by Phrasikleia by Phrasikleia

On this evening I accidentally jumped into the car wearing only a pair of ill-fitting garden clogs and forgot to toss my hiking boots in the back. I realized my predicament only after being on the road for nearly an hour. I was quite disgusted with myself when it occurred to me that my footwear mishap would put me in a rather precarious situation for my chosen destination. With great chagrin, I abandoned my plan and changed course for this lake, arriving at its shore right as a storm rolled in sooner than expected. As it turned out, the weather was far more conducive to shooting at the lake than it would have been for my originally intended location. Sometimes an unfortunate situation is just the gateway to happiness.

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New on 500px : Sinister Lake by janneka by janneka

Something a little different this time. I’ve been getting to know my new camera and must say I absolutely love it. Full frame is nothing like APS-C when it comes to picture quality..

See my website for more: http://ift.tt/1hMI8Cn

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New on 500px : Peace Everywhere by gurdyal by gurdyal

Gautama Buddha : Press ‘M’ for Full Screen View Clicked this one in Bangkok, Thailand. Once thing you will notice any picture of Buddha is peaceful, more pictures the merrier 🙂
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