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New on 500px : Jen-Gong-Yu by HsuKuangChung by HsuKuangChung

This small island is near Jin-Men Island, which is quite far from Taiwan but very near China. It has very special traditional south-eastern culture and style of China and a very interesting place to visit!!

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New on 500px : Jin-Men Sunrise by HsuKuangChung by HsuKuangChung

I had a very good impression of Kin-Men, which is an island near Mainland China, and I had been there last year. This is the second time to explore the beauty of this place!

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New on 500px : Chi-Jin Sundown by HsuKuangChung by HsuKuangChung

I had a graduation trip with my students to the southern part of Taiwan and this is one of our destiny near the Kaohsiung Harbor!

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