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New on 500px : Bay of Light by JasonLStephens by JasonLStephens

Bay of Fires, East Coast Tasmania (Australia)

just before sunrise, which was eventually smothered by cloud, this was an image I caught of the best light of the morning that was around for about 3 mins…the joys 🙂

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New on 500px : “Hello Horseshoe” by JasonLStephens by JasonLStephens

Mt Field Nat Park, Hobart Tasmania (Australia)

Horseshoe falls.

One of Tasmania’s beautiful Waterfalls, it is an extremely popular location for tourists and photographers.

To get a different composition than others I had seen I decided to to take multiple images and stitch together for a wider field of view.

Such an amazing place, can not wait to get back again this winter to shoot it again!

8 images in total all at 20 sec exposure.

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New on 500px : Under the Bow by JasonLStephens by JasonLStephens

Old Pier Beach, Bridport Tasmania (Australia)

After a storm had passed and the setting sun….I was delighted to see this form in the sky, truly an amazing 10-15mins spent viewing one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen!

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New on 500px : Horseshoe Summer Flow by skinnaa by skinnaa

A huge variation to my previous upload from this magical waterfall in the Mount Field National Park. Horseshoe Falls, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania. Follow Nick on Facebook Website RedBubble
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New on 500px : Rainforest Treasure. by WarrenPatten by WarrenPatten

Liffey Falls Tasmania Nice meet with some superb photographer’s from all around Australia & abroad..
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