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New on 500px : Sunrise over Bagan Temples by benlevyphotography by benlevyphotography

A sunrise over the Bagan temples can be a highlight of a trip to the beautiful country of Myanmar.

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New on 500px : Old Temple by udaybsharmaster by udaybsharmaster

An old closed temple opposite the Adikesava temple at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai.

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New on 500px : Vermillion by Diabolique by Diabolique

Thousands of vermillion tori gates line the pathways of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto Japan.

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New on 500px : Sunrise 4 by toresetre by toresetre

A hot air balloon passes over the plain of Bagan in the hours of sunrise.

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New on 500px : The Soul of Kyoto by EliaLocardi by EliaLocardi

There’s something wonderful about wandering the ancient streets of Kyoto at night.

This was shot during my last visit to Japan. The big festival in Kyoto had finished the previous night, leaving the typically crowded streets empty and perfect for photography.

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New on 500px : The Legacy of Ancestors by MahmoudYakut by MahmoudYakut

Heavily processed conceptual image with a sky layer added.
As an Egyptian I always grew up and lived with the legacy of my ancestors in the back of my mind. I remember as a child, the first time when I visited an ancient pharaoh temple I swapped its walls with my hand and felt myself connecting with the ancestors who’ve been in this place and touched these walls thousands of years ago, it was such a strange feeling to feel I am touching exactly the same wall they did.

Now when I visit any of these places, it is such a unique experience, I imagine them all alive and colored like they were originally been one day, and imagine those kings and their guards and all these majestic appearances and rituals…. for me it is like being in a dream or a fairy tale

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