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New on 500px : Margaritaville @ Night 2 by gentlone by gentlone

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The fountain at Margaritaville at night is spectacular to see. Music is piped in to the 12 speakers stationed around the fountain in surround sound. Chairs are set up side by side around the entire fountain and it is nearly impossible to find an open chair. Thanks for looking and for all your support and comments.

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New on 500px : A Stream of Green by frazierphotography by frazierphotography

A small mossy stream winds through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. After living on the west coast for a while now, I was amazed at how green and full of life everything was.

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New on 500px : clingmans dome sunrise () by mberri by mberri

At the top of Clingmans Dome, Smoky Mountains. A very beautiful sunrise I witness. It was a bout 40 degrees, very cold for me at least. But the hike to this place was worth it. Breathtaking view of nature. loved when the reflection of the sun went through the tress. It seemed like everything was alive which it is.

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New on 500px : We can be Heroes by glenn1112 by glenn1112

Across the street from Elvis is another of the many 3 dimensional objects you will find in downtown Nashville. Here is a really big guitar- about 10 feet (3 m) – long adorned with some of the town’s Honky Tonk Heroes. The artist is Ron Sweeney. People like to have their photo taken with it. Behind it you see a place I did not go into, Legends Corner. The bar is on a corner, has a great neon sign. Behind all that is the ever-present at&t tower.

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New on 500px : Yeah Betty! by glenn1112 by glenn1112

This is my favorite neon in Nashville, Betty Boots. It looks good night and day. There are many boot stores on Broadway and beyond.
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New on 500px : Rutledge Falls TN by rgoulet3 by rgoulet3

One of the 1,000’s of pics I took, had an amazing adventure, good to be back. One of the many waterfalls I captured, hope you like and have a great weekend.
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New on 500px : Sunset at Douglas Lake by gentlone by gentlone

A sunset shot taken at Douglas Lake in Pigeon Forge, TN. I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for looking and have a great day today.
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