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New on 500px : My Office View by shaneblack by shaneblack

While the hike to this spot was miserable from carrying too much gear, I can’t argue with this view. Really loving my Nemo Galaxi 2P tent!

p.s. I recommend viewing on black!


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New on 500px : Winter Camping by larsleber by larsleber

A single 30-second exposure of my winter backpacking tent. It has a wood stove (packable made out of titanium) on the inside and you can see some embers flying out of the “chimney”. I set up near these old abandoned cabins after a fairly easy 4-mile hike. It was cold and started snowing but the stove kept me very warm inside.

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New on 500px : Camping during the eruption by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

Facebook page: Marco Calandra Photography
Website: http://ift.tt/JX9CaF

Etna had an another one of its paroxysms. In this event me and my cousin reached the Valle del Bove, a great point to see the eruption of the Southeast Crater.
Initially, we had to seek shelter among the rocks because the wind was too strong, but it doesn’t worked; In fact, after we pitched the tent to get a greater repair but most especially to change the optics in peace.
For this photography I made an exposure for the sky and another for the ground, then I merged them toghether using Photoshop, finally I made some adjusting of contrast, light and shadow.

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New on 500px : Camping at Sunset by MADImaging by MADImaging

I took this photo while on a backpacking trip in the High Sierras. The camp location was at Kennedy Lake

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New on 500px : Asleep under the Milky Way by abirkill by abirkill

A while ago a friend got in touch and asked if I wanted to go and take some star shots at Porteau Cove. Although I’ve shot this location at night quite a lot, I didn’t have any other plans, so I figured why not!

The forecast looked a bit touch and go, but was good in Vancouver, which suggested we might have a good chance looking towards the south, which is also where the most interesting part of the Milky Way was. Although there was quite a lot of glow from the cities of Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, there was also good visibility of the Milky Way. The glow also nicely silhouetted Anvil Island, making it stand out clearly on the horizon.

We also took along a tent to act as a prop. Even though using a tent as a prop in night sky photography is about as cliched as photographing a street of yellow cabs in New York, there’s no denying it is an effective foreground element! I used an app on my phone that allows the screen to be set to display any colour to light the tent from inside, allowing us to control the appearance of the tent. A warm yellow-orange setting simulated candlelight quite well, and the tent nicely diffused the light.

To increase sharpness and reduce noise, I took two different shots to make up this image, a 20 second exposure of the stars at f/2.8, ISO 3200, and a 2.5 minute exposure of the ground at f/2.8, ISO 400. The two exposures were equivalent in brightness, allowing me to easily blend the longer, less-noisy ground detail in with the shorter exposure of the sky.

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New on 500px : A night at the Opera by sysaworld by sysaworld

Lac de Cheserys, 17/08/2012. Torn between the desire to continue shooting and the tiredness of the day I prepare to enter into my tent with the Milky Way being my bedside light-du-jour.
A shot dedicated to my favourite band ever… the Queen !

WS Lac de Cheserys :

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