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New on 500px : THE WATCHMAN IN THE STORM II by sean_ensch_images by sean_ensch_images

The iconic Watchmen peak at the southern entrance of Zion National Park. I spent almost two weeks around Zion with nothing but clear, blue skies. While that made it great to hike in, it made very boring photos. Then finally, on the last day there it rained heavily all day long. I thought it wouldn’t stop and the clouds would just be stuck and never leave the canyon, then just before sunset they passed through to the south and created some beautiful lighting just in time for me to get this photo.

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New on 500px : The Watchman by jwwdvm by jwwdvm

After rolling my ankle earlier in the week, I was forced to sit in a comfortable lawn chair sipping coffee while this dawn developed. Sometimes we have to suffer for our art…

You’re probably wondering if you should click on the image and press the “m” key on your keyboard. The answer is yes.

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