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New on 500px : Looking Forever by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

This is Torres Del Paine and the Paine Grande Peaks at sunrise. My friend, world-class photographer, naturalist, writer, phd scientist, super-hiker extraordinaire and all around amazing person Floris Van Breugel takes a look at the grand surroundings on a magical morning. He had no idea he’d wandered into my shot…..

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New on 500px : Above the Cold by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

A moment of dramatic light above this remote lakeshore we camped at for a few days in the Torres Del Paine region of southern Chile. The conditions were extremely windy and cold all day, blowing the snow from the peaks in the background of this image. Below, a multitude of almost unbelievably blue icebergs fill the lake, breaking up the waves. The largest of the bergs in this photo is as tall as a 7-story building! I took the shot from a place far from the trails on a secluded cove about 25 meters above the water.

The light Paine is exceptional in late fall and winter, and dramatic conditions can be expected. In winter the sun is so low that you are very nearly shooting sunrise or sunset the whole day (which starts at 10am). At one point we observed 14 out of 15 consecutive sunrises and sunsets that were this good, probably my lifetime record, and a photographer’s dream! The challenge is, like always, also where the most excitement is. It’s about getting off the beaten path and seeing unique places, making images that are yours. I will NEVER forget this trip to this remote shore. We nicknamed it iceberg bay (obviously).

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New on 500px : El condor pasa by evocativeimages by evocativeimages

Condor flying around Torres del Paine (towers of granite). This is a famous Chilean landmark in Patagonia. This picture was taken early am at sunrise.

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New on 500px : Solitary Spectator by ArturStanisz by ArturStanisz

Every time I look at this image it reminds me about those few days that I spent near Salto Grande/Rio Paine waiting for the light. Snow storms and crazy winds kept me in the tent for majority of time. This lonely tree and I, we were the only observers of this spectacular display of clouds and light. I took this photo at around 4 am, in the morning with the full harvest moon illuminating the landscape. Please view on black & enjoy!

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New on 500px : Guanago Lake! by ItamarCampos by ItamarCampos

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Taken in Torres del Paine National Park!
Patagonia, Chile!
Thank you for your feedback, likes and fav!!!

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New on 500px : traffic jam! by ItamarCampos by ItamarCampos

This picture was taken when I was traveling to Torres del Paine National Park.
Cerro Castillo, Patagonia, Chile.
Thank you for your likes, comments /fav!!

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New on 500px : Patagonian Sunrise by ting708 by ting708

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Taken just before sunrise in front of Hotel Rio Serrano. This unforgettable moment lasted for only 5 minutes.

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New on 500px : Candy like Patagonia by ArturStanisz by ArturStanisz

One thing that I love about Patagonia is its constantly changing weather. In reality it means that you never know what you are going to get. This was the case with this photo. After a 3 days long wait for conditions to improve, I captured this scenery. When I saw what was happening on the sky that morning, it was like a candy in my mouth. This photo was taken the same morning as my previous “Otherworldly” picture, but few hours later. A very strong wind, caused clouds to move rapidly. The light was constantly on the move influencing changes in the colour of the sky. When I was watching these quickly moving clouds, I feared that the light would never appear. I was really thrilled when for a few minutes the sky exploded with these candy like hues. This photo shows the area of Salto Grande Rio Paine and Torres del Paine range. It was taken from a unique view point on the other side of the river, just across the most popular tourist view point. Please view on black and enjoy!
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