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New on 500px : Every body by galadiaost by galadiaost

Evening of Wat Phra That Choeng Chum Wat Muang district, Sakon Nakhon in all the priests of the temple will be forthcoming. New to Buddhism can bump into the candle lit merit pay homage to the ancestors who have passed away. And so is the glory

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New on 500px : The Harbor at Dusk by AnakinYang by AnakinYang

During my trip to China, I went to these remote islets about 40 miles off the coast of mainland China, called “The East Pole Islets”. These little islands have no sign of industrialization like the rest of China, and they’ve been perfectly perserved, much like the National Parks in our country. This shot was taken at dusk hours at the dock of one of the islands where I spent 2 days at. As the waves collided wit the pebble beach, it made a very fine tune of its own. The harbor nearly had no boat docking there. All in all, best place I’ve ever been to thus far, even better than most of the American landscapes !

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