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New on 500px : The Tree by BodhiSmith by BodhiSmith

Here is another new one from my recent trip….this was captured in the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon and it is a short exposure for me, but very colorful as the tree was wearing its spring colors…this composition of this tiny little Japanese maple tree was made famous by another famous photog we all know and love 😉 Simple entitled “The Tree” because as I was shooting it, literally everyone walking by asked me if this was “The Tree”… Settings: ISO-50, 18mm at f/8 for 1/6th sec…using two .75 ND grad filters inverted to each other to bring the center of the exposure out and the rest down 2.5 stops… peace, D.”Bodhi”
via 500px http://ift.tt/1ilgrSK
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