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New on 500px : A Blanketing Tide by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

This is another image from the reprocess bin; it was a composition collected last year at Rialto Beach that was in dire need of some TLC. Thanks for looking!

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New on 500px : Where Life Returns by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

I made my pilgrimage down to St. Helens recently to visit some new vantage points for me. I had some close encounters with alder trees and got bit by a rock a couple times; I guess that serves me right for wearing shorts while hiking, but it was a charring 90+ degrees with minimal shade. I’ll get through my backlog and get to those images eventually.

For now, this is a reprocess of an image taken a couple years back above Spirit Lake. Enjoy!

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New on 500px : The Rush of the Midnight Sun by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

Catch the rush of the midnight sun.
Day and night becoming one.
Nowhere particular to be,
but at the foot of the mountains that come before me.
Shutter open for all the light I’m seeing;
translates to an image of the joy of being.

This is another in the Eastern Fjords’ series from my recent Iceland trip. I liked the low lying clouds and alignment of the mountains in this particular scene. Enjoy!

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New on 500px : Unexpected Light on Rainier by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

This image offers a respite from my Iceland posts. This was taken last summer near a remote tarn near Rainier during a sudden burst of reddish light.

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New on 500px : Blue and Gold Panning by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

Glacial driven river blues
enmesh with golden hues.
Passages of color and light
grace the hours of this sight
Memories of a vivid day
shall never give to gray.

This is an image of Bruarfoss along the stellar Bruar River with some nice evening light. The golden light complemented the deep-glacial blues of the river nicely. I still have quite a handful from Iceland to process in addition to old photos and ones up coming from this summer.; so stay tuned!

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New on 500px : Beauty of the Fjords by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

The Eastern Fjords of Iceland offer dramatic and encompassing views of steeply rising mountains, powerful waterfalls, oceanic inlets and the more-than the occasional sheep. The experience trekking around here was certainly one of the highlights of a recent excursion to Iceland. Thanks for looking!

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New on 500px : Brief Moment of Magic by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

This is a similar image to a set I’ve posted in the past; this has some different light going on in the sky. I was formerly disenchanted by the web processing for it , so I decided to give it another spin. I hope you enjoy the view!

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New on 500px : Shuksan Sunset Show by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

This is a horizontal rendition taken a little bit later than a previous vertical image of similar subject matter I had posted a while back. I got some pretty dynamic early-winter light on this evening. Thanks for your time.
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New on 500px : Emergence of Life by TrevorAnderson by TrevorAnderson

This is another take from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I will be putting together my collection of images from the past festivals in the coming days. I appreciate your views, comments, and votes. Thanks!
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