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New on 500px : Prometheus by YegorMalinovskii by YegorMalinovskii

Sand tufa formations at Mono Lake in California.
You can’t tell from the picture but these fragile structures are only inches tall and get their shape from winds stripping away their sandy coverings. I was lying down, crawling or sitting in order to get different handheld shots with low camera angle and only centimeters away with the sun setting behind them.
I’m reposting this because I fixed the blown out sun which was bothering me a bit… This is 3 shots blended together for focus.
This was taken on a first day of tour with Marc Adamus – whom I am forever grateful for his infinite knowledge, vision, mentorship and friendship.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1owuKqa

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New on 500px : Light Cast by Recalibration by Recalibration

One of the island tufas at Mono Lake. The light appearing to come off the tufa was actually a rainbow that I wasnt able to capture for some reason even though I fired off a mess of shots. Chalk it up to one more Mono Lake mystery….
via 500px http://ift.tt/1jUFW8W
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