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New on 500px : Turimetta sunrise by Structuresxx by Structuresxx

This photo was my first seascape shot in Sydney since i have lived in Sydney for a half year ago.

Turimetta , Sydney , Australia

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New on 500px : Morning Glow by ShihuaZhang by ShihuaZhang

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I have been photograph Narrabeen a lot lately, one reason is it’s the most beautiful beach in Sydney, another reason is it close to home :).

This photo was taken during summer earlier this year, A dramatic sunrise with right amount of swell and tide.

In order to take a photo like this, I’d to wait the wave to treat, When the wave came in, I raise my tripod above my head then put it down once the wave passes me, quickly compose and take the photo.

I shutter speed between 1/4 to 2/3 is necessary if you want to get the silky wave effect.wave effect.

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New on 500px : Obnubilate by SINaz by SINaz

Turimetta | NSW | A u s t r a l i a

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New on 500px : The Green Moss Beach by OaKy by OaKy

One of the most Sydney popular beach for photographers “Turimetta Beach”

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New on 500px : U-turn by SKYDANCER by SKYDANCER

Sunrise at Turimetta Beach, NSW, Australia. Tide at approx 0.8 mtr at the time. Reduced shutter speed by using 3 stop std ND and 3 stop SG ND filter. Hope you enjoy it.

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New on 500px : Angry Ocean by ShihuaZhang by ShihuaZhang

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Photograph seascape during high tide and high swell can be really dangerous. But it’s my favorite time to take seascape photos. it’s the time to capture the emotion of the ocean.

The location I stood was not perfectly safe, 1 in 5 waves could get me totally wet, I had to keep my eyes on the incoming waves, move to the higher ground when there was a big wave came in. Even with doing that, an unexpected wave got my completely wet couple minutes later after this shot.

Luckily I have the raincoat to protect the camera, wader to protect myself from the sea water. 🙂

The raw file doesn’t have much of details in the center, It was almost appear to be white. But I know there must be some details, I used Luminosity Mask to bring down the highlights in the water then use CEP Detail Extractor to bring back quite a bit of the texture in the moving water.

Hope you like this one.

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New on 500px : Enticing The Light by AtomicZen by AtomicZen

Sometimes, if you found that your lens (e.g., 16mm.) is not wide enough to take a wished picture, don’t be afraid to take vertical panorama, like shown in this shot. I took two shot one for the foreground, and another one that I shift the lens upward in order to capture the sky. Hard GND filter seems to play an important role as it can balance the light between two shot. We need to move filter a little bit between two shots. In post processing, just stitch them with photo merge tools. Enjoy!

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