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New on 500px : Sunrise:Twirl by All4Nature by All4Nature

Hello Friends,
Welcome to another shot from the sunrise series a month back with Jason Crowell. It was indeed a fantastic morning and this place at Petrel Cove was like a photographers paradise.
This was a very difficult shot as the waves were very unpredictable and high. Me and my friend were pitted next to each other in this narrow space submerged in water upto knees and laughing at what was ahead of us. The exposure was pretty difficult and I turned to bracketing and this final product is handblended from a 5 bracket shot with a CPL attached. It was just morning and the light was hitting one of the small rock formations.
Hope you all like this shot which is one of my favourites due to the difficult shooting conditions and then processing to get it close to the fantastic morning that day was.
Enjoy the Light.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1gkTkry

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