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New on 500px : Looking Forever by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

This is Torres Del Paine and the Paine Grande Peaks at sunrise. My friend, world-class photographer, naturalist, writer, phd scientist, super-hiker extraordinaire and all around amazing person Floris Van Breugel takes a look at the grand surroundings on a magical morning. He had no idea he’d wandered into my shot…..

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New on 500px : Fly Alone!!! by jvphoto by jvphoto

How are you my Dear Friends? Hope you had a great long weekend!

It was a wonderful Sunset and i have enjoyed while capturing this. Single image with HDR toning. Hope you like it.

Please click on the image to view with black screen background.

Have a fantastic week ahead my friends!

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New on 500px : Above the Cold by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

A moment of dramatic light above this remote lakeshore we camped at for a few days in the Torres Del Paine region of southern Chile. The conditions were extremely windy and cold all day, blowing the snow from the peaks in the background of this image. Below, a multitude of almost unbelievably blue icebergs fill the lake, breaking up the waves. The largest of the bergs in this photo is as tall as a 7-story building! I took the shot from a place far from the trails on a secluded cove about 25 meters above the water.

The light Paine is exceptional in late fall and winter, and dramatic conditions can be expected. In winter the sun is so low that you are very nearly shooting sunrise or sunset the whole day (which starts at 10am). At one point we observed 14 out of 15 consecutive sunrises and sunsets that were this good, probably my lifetime record, and a photographer’s dream! The challenge is, like always, also where the most excitement is. It’s about getting off the beaten path and seeing unique places, making images that are yours. I will NEVER forget this trip to this remote shore. We nicknamed it iceberg bay (obviously).

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New on 500px : Triumph by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

This image is a personal favorite of mine, taken in the Patagonian winter recently. For me, it marked a personal triumph and communication with this mountain, one I have long held as the pinnacle of peaks on earth that I have seen. On this evening, it felt as though the mountain itself had won its freedom from the clouds. This magnificent, vertically improbable spire of Cerro Torre rises 7000 vertical feet from the glaciers below and as it cleared on this evening it was so beautiful and ghostly in its power, emerging from its veil of clouds, it was all I could do to remember to keep shooting.

I have captured this peak before but although the images were nice, I felt they were too commonplace in comparison to what I’d seen previously. Winter allowed me a unique perspective, with the waters of this glacial river being clear and 1/10 the volume of the muddy spring through autumn flows. The peak is very far away so I found it necessary to shoot with a mid-range length here, something between 55 and 70mm. I did a minor focus stack for DOF. Otherwise, the exposure was 4 seconds, which captured a little wind motion in the sky since it was blowing like crazy on this evening.

After 3 nights and 4 days of waiting in this area for this giant to emerge, and nearly giving up on it, the evening of this capture went from snowfall to intense windstorm to completely clear in less than 1 hour! A large view of this image reveals spindrift avalanches swirling down the cliff faces distant. I shot continuously, managing at this point to capture a fleeting second when the mountain stood alone. I hope you enjoy it and it does something to convey what was a very memorable experience.

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New on 500px : Catching the Sun by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

This next image from Patagonia, made this winter (June), depicts a remote lakeshore and a tiny wind-shaped tree I fell in love with. I was attracted to how the light of sunset came through the enormous peaks in the distance and illuminated its rocky perch, creating a warm/cool contrast with the snowy peaks. In order to make the perspective I wanted and pull the peaks together into the scene I used a stitch of 2 14mm images, both exposed for the highlights. Using a D800E I was able to easily control all of the lighting here otherwise without exposure blending. My favorite moment was obviously here, when the sun’s reflection created an additional little sparkle on the water.

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New on 500px : Coyote Gulch Hiking by leland2 by leland2

Utah, southern, Hiking through an Alcove near Jacob Hamblin Arch in Coyote Gulch. There are some impressive and unique landscape features in Coyote Gulch in the Escalante National Monument of southern Utah. I found this Alcove next to the Jacob Hamblin Arch as striking as the arch itself. I’ve seen some pretty good images of the arch so I opted to work on this spot in order to perhaps get something a little different.

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New on 500px : 25s Mirror!!! by jvphoto by jvphoto

It was a wonderful sunset with beautiful and unique cloud patterns. Though i have composed many other shots on that day, this one is special to get clear mirror including cloud patterns as well…Hope you like it! Please click on the image for better view(Highly recommended to view with black background) … Have a wonderful Sunday friends…. “Your Friend is Your mirror!!!”
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