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New on 500px : Mesa Morning by BrandtM by BrandtM

This is from a year ago in March when I made the sojourn to Canyonlands National Park. I wasn’t too happy with the first Mesa shot I uploaded a while ago on the px, thus deleted and replaced with this comp. Though a bit cliche, it has become my “keeper” and has taken a permanent place in the portfolio.

Thanks for looking.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : Mittens by kewlkoti by kewlkoti

Mittens @ Monument Valley. No wonder it is a favorite spot for Hollywood. I am excited for Transformers IV as it was being shot at this place. It was difficult to get shots here and had to wait for a while to get this, due to sand storm.

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New on 500px : Chase the Path by kewlkoti by kewlkoti

Shafer trail in Canyonlands Utah…one of the best off road experiences

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New on 500px : Nature’s Hold | Zion Narrows by bkuPhotography by bkuPhotography

Another shot from one of my favorite places in the world. The crisp waters of the Virgin River, the towering canyon walls overhead, and the sparks of flora along the canyon walls all make this hike magical

And the patience of others waiting until the light is just right is an added bonus…

Zion Narrows
Zion National Park, UT

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New on 500px : Sunset Alstrom Point by zhongnan0713 by zhongnan0713

was updating my personal website, so i just dug this out of my memory card.. it was the only nice sunrise we saw during my last winter trip in southwest US.

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