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New on 500px : The Beauty of Zion by TreyRatcliff by TreyRatcliff

I can’t believe it took me so long to get to Utah… I love it!!!

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New on 500px : Mesa Sunrise by ccramer by ccramer

Sunrise at the ever popular Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP, Utah

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New on 500px : Arrakis by csillerud by csillerud

60 mph winds scraped the land and ripped red dust into the sky. My teeth were covered, my eyes, shut to slivers, screamed from the grit. After ascending the rise, a blood sun sent his minions at me, but I was sheltered by the Totem.

I think that is how Paul Atreides felt during his exile to the desert.

The story is here: http://ift.tt/1n8yxbS

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New on 500px : Control Tower by DustinLeFevre1 by DustinLeFevre1

The Salt Lake City International Airport at Sunrise. I am an Air Traffic Controller and had just worked the Graveyard shift when I noticed the color starting to creep over the horizon.

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New on 500px : BRYCE CANYON SUNRISE by margeauxferreira by margeauxferreira

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of those places that you have to see to believe. The rare, colorful rock formations that resemble totem poles make for the most unbelievable sculptures. If you are bold enough to get up before the light comes up and head to the park before sunrise, you are in for a treat. When the first ray of light hits the hoodoos and turns them into lava and raging fire, no words can describe the scene. The spectacular entrance made by the sun on this particular morning was totally worth the frostbite I suffered during a windy, -12 degree January morning.

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New on 500px : Spectrum by whuang by whuang

Ranking among my top subjects to photograph, slot canyons possess an unrivaled artistic beauty. This photo is one of favorite southwest scenes of all time. When captured at the right time, these pillared Navajo sandstone walls catch the reflected light and begin to display and ethereal glow. Sporting striations, this slot somewhat resembles Zebra slots but this has its own unique aspects of a lengthy hallway appearance lined with pillared walls. It was definitely some of the best adventure and the most fun I have enjoyed exploring one of mother nature’s finest creations.

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New on 500px : Noctambulism by miketaylorphoto by miketaylorphoto

An incredible amount of green and a bit of maroon colored airglow are prominent in this 16 image night sky panorama which features the full Milky Way arc and covers 240 degrees of view from North (left) to South (right). I centered this image around one of the iconic gnarly trees that clings to the top of the canyon wall at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah. The bright light on the horizon to the left of the tree is light pollution coming from the town of Moab. This image was stitched via PTGui and processed through Lightroom 5 (twice, once for the foreground and once for the sky) and Photoshop CS5.

Noctambulism is another word for sleepwalking.

Nikon D600 & 14-24 @ 14mm
f/2.8 – 16 x 30 secs – ISO 4000 – WB Kelvin 3570
06/04/14 – 1:20AM

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© Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography

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