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New on 500px : Triple Strike by GreggB by GreggB

This shot is a two exposures blend (one for the foreground and one a lucky 30 seconds wait for the lighting strike) combined in PS. The image was taken in the Valley of Fire, Nevada last week during the monsoon season (still going on). Please notice the color differences the right lighting developed. Very interesting….

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New on 500px : The Strike by GreggB by GreggB

The monsoon season brings some amazing “fireworks” in north west. I took this shot in Nevada in the Valley of Fire a couple of days ago at night. The timing was just right, and with some luck I managed to capture this beautiful thunder strike.
Enjoy it against the black background.

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New on 500px : Levels by DigitalTrinity by DigitalTrinity

Once an ancient sea, a surreal display of color is revealed at Nevada’s Valley of Fire.

Best viewed on a dark background.

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