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New on 500px : A View Through The Arch by backcountrygallery by backcountrygallery

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This was image was captured in Valley Of Fire State Park, NV.

The arch itself (Thunderstorm Arch, I think it’s nicknamed) is well off any regular trails and, although we knew of its existence, all we knew for sure about it’s location was that it was probably in the park. Somewhere. It took several trips before we finally got lucky and stumbled upon it.

The first time you see the view through this arch is pretty amazing and I knew I wanted to capture it with some cool clouds in the sky.

My first attempt was at sunset. Not only did the clouds not cooperate, but it was painfully obvious that the sun was not going to get involved at that time of day. So, I decided sunrise would be better.

But there were lots of clear skies.

For days.

It came down to my final day of the trip. I had to leave for home that morning, but I decided that it would be worth the effort for one last try. The truth is, I had already resigned myself to the idea that this was going to be one of my “project” shots that I had to keep coming back to before the magic actually happened.

You can imagine my surprise when the sky lit up!

I have to say, I almost felt like it was a bit too easy since most of the time it takes trip after trip before I get the shot I want. Hey, I guess even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then 🙂

I gotta say, to me this image really epitomizes this place of wild, color rock formations. I will be back!

via 500px http://ift.tt/1lI4OEA

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