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New on 500px : Life at beach(8) by bng148 by bng148

Varadero . Cuba Feb. 2014 Wish you have Wonderful weekend ! ( Please press H for easy on eyes :))
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New on 500px : sunrise (2) by bng148 by bng148

Varadero . Cuba Feb.2014 ( Please press H for better view )
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New on 500px : Life at beach(6): cat portrait by bng148 by bng148

My very first time attempt on cat. :)) while relax at beach Both of us felt real lazy on that hot, sunny day. Varadero , Cuba trip feb.2014
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New on 500px : Tourist Sisters by bng148 by bng148

Cubano Day Varadero. Cuba Feb. 2014 Please press M for better details view .
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New on 500px : Life at beach (3): the Photographer by bng148 by bng148

That day was sunny,beautiful . The staff is serving barbecue at down to the beach. The dance troupe & music band play along Staff of hotel told me that was special Dia Cubano Day . Cuba. Feb.2014 Have a Joyous Weekend , my friends
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