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New on 500px : Violets during the sunrise by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

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Website: http://ift.tt/JX9CaF

On my last excursion on Mount Etna I was looking for something different from the usual images of the volcano erupting: I wanted to show the vegetation, the nature that exists on this volcano.
I spent so all night taking night photography with the volcanic landscape. The photograph that has given me more satisfaction that day was this taken at the Violets during the sunrise when they were illuminated by the first rays of the sun.
The image was made with a double exposure, one for the sky and the other for the ground and were later merged in Photoshop.

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New on 500px : Luminance by CostasGountanas by CostasGountanas

Watching the sun setting over the Immitos Mt. in Attika, Greece

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New on 500px : Flow Across Sand by dabender by dabender

Photgraphed in Whites Sands National Monument in late March
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