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New on 500px : Good Day Sunshine by TjThorne by TjThorne


~Click the photo to view on black and get rid of the annoying ‘Request to buy this’ crap underneath.~

Forest scenes are very challenging for me. To find simplicity in chaos takes a special way of seeing. It takes a certain mood.. a cohesiveness with my environment.

I had been walking the forest for nearly two hours looking for a scene that I could be satisfied with. I just couldn’t do it. Friends I was shooting with were photographing scenes that I had walked past and didn’t even consider and they would come up with something really nice. I wasn’t in that zone. I was flustered. Pissed.

Frustrated, I gave up on the forest and walked towards the creek for a consolation photo while my friends retired to the meeting area for beers, conversation, and good company. I HAD to get at least something I could consider a keeper.

We had great light all day long. The thick canopy diffused the harsh light into yellows and greens. It lit up the vine maples and moss. The weather was perfect. The situation was perfect. Great conditions, good friends, nature, my camera.. and yet here I was in a sour mood.

As I took off towards the creek I saw one last stand of vine maple trees and figured ‘Why not?’. I walked over, sat down, put the sun in a place where it would cause this sunstar effect, and this is the scene I saw. This was it. This was my shot.

I only had a couple of minutes before the sun disappeared behind the branch and I lost this composition. I set up, checked my settings, and started shooting. I finally started to feel good. I found the yin to my yang and it was represented in the tree shape.

Needless to say.. my friends saw me walking back up with the biggest smile on my face.

A huge thanks to Alex ‘aNorg’ Noriega for his direction in the processing of this photo, his mentorship, and his friendship. If you want to up your post-processing game.. he can teach you how.

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New on 500px : The Strange by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

*WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT* Join Alex Mody and I for an awesome four days in Olympic National Park, this September 25-28. We will photograph rugged seascapes, autumn in the rainforest, waterfalls, and if weather permits, autumn alpine scenes up on Hurricane Ridge. For more information or to register, click HERE.

This one NEEDS to be viewed on black, not due to darkness, but to eliminate distractions since it’s fairly complex.

This image is from the Hoh Rainforest a few weeks ago. Since I went about a month earlier this year than last, my images were completely different. Didn’t really shoot any dramatic, striking stuff in the forest like last year, but rather more intimate scenes like this, which I don’t expect to be as popular over here on 500px.

These spring vine maple leaves, and the way they seemed to glow against their less-saturated surroundings, commanded most of my attention. Their prominence made it even harder to simplify an already complex subject such as the rainforest, but I liked how they looked as though they were an explosion of green frozen in motion. I would also typically seek to exclude elements like the dead ferns below, but I thought the springing of new life here worked well as a contrast. I shot this with dappled light as well, but soft light ended up working best, because direct light added unnecessary complexity to the scene.

Three exposures for depth of field here. I was able to use very long exposures at ISO 50, due to the perfectly still nature of this morning, and the inherently low dynamic range of the scene.

If you like the way my images look, you may also be interested in the fact that I teach my processing workflow over Skype! More information here.

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