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New on 500px : Autumn in Zion by SarahMarino by SarahMarino

The Virgin River in Zion National Park, surrounded by vibrant autumn colors last fall.

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New on 500px : Nature’s Hold | Zion Narrows by bkuPhotography by bkuPhotography

Another shot from one of my favorite places in the world. The crisp waters of the Virgin River, the towering canyon walls overhead, and the sparks of flora along the canyon walls all make this hike magical

And the patience of others waiting until the light is just right is an added bonus…

Zion Narrows
Zion National Park, UT

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New on 500px : The Watchman by jwwdvm by jwwdvm

After rolling my ankle earlier in the week, I was forced to sit in a comfortable lawn chair sipping coffee while this dawn developed. Sometimes we have to suffer for our art…

You’re probably wondering if you should click on the image and press the “m” key on your keyboard. The answer is yes.

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New on 500px : All in All You’re Just Another Brick in the Wall by DaniloFaria by DaniloFaria

“The Narrows” hike at Zion. It’s definitely a very beautiful site to see, early morning light glows in the massive canyon walls while the clear and cold waters of the Virgin River continues the erosion process. Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it very much!
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