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New on 500px : Luminous Nights by markg by markg

Dark and remote with no artificial light at all, with a sky full of stars as the Milky Way rose to the east. This whole environment was lit by starlight and the intense air glow that was present amongst the darkness – it was certainly a night of astrophotography to remember.

copyright 2014 | Mark Gee | theartofnight.com

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New on 500px : Red Light District by christianlim by christianlim

this time a colorful sunset sky on castlepoint…. maybe a bit too much of a perfect sky as I was looking for something more dramatic better off taken during sunrise maybe but this was all the time I had for this trip. will be posting a shot from the far end with the cliffs maybe after a couple of months.

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New on 500px : Man Made Majestic by christianlim by christianlim

after a tour group I lead photographing south island for two weeks it was time to fly to wellington to conduct a landscape workshop and visit a friend in stokes valley, something I have been doing since the very first time I visited new zealand.

here is an image from the north island, i had one day here clouds were good from golden hour to twilight but I’m posting the tail end (minus the red clouds) as I like the mood. saturated this spot during this trip as I was only here for a short time 3 years ago and only had time for 1 sunrise shot.

during the next couple of visits will definitely make it a point to catch more north landscapes little by little im sure they will build up.

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