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New on 500px : Taken for Granite by Pcoskun by Pcoskun

I normally try not to post similar images from various shoots, nor do I really enjoy punny titles. However, my time spent near glacier point in Yosemite offered some pretty incredible light, and came with some unfortunate news. I arrived here in the early afternoon after photographing in Yosemite valley and just didn’t know what to do. It was fairly mild outside and I didn’t feel like hiking by myself, and I drove back and forth up the road just wondering if its going to be worth sticking up around here for sunset and then stars later on. I had a near three hour drive back across the park to get to where I was camping, but I was in the area, and ultimately stuck it out. I parked on the side of the road, and walked across where there was a really nice view overlooking Yosemite. I still had about six hours until sunset, so I decided to take a nap on the rocks as I peered out to this view. It was somehow one of the most comfortable naps I’ve ever had, yet it didn’t last long. As many people approached the view they kept waking me asking if I could take their photo. I met a lot of interesting people up here, and its one of those things I enjoy most about traveling. A couple ladies had noted to me that I had a visitor while I was “sleeping”, I guess there was a squirrel staring me in the face just inches away, but luckily decided to leave me alone. Finally, the light was starting to get good. The clouds were starting to spread apart. The entire time I was thinking that this was all a dream. How could I be so fortunate to be able to witness such a vista? Yes, its a fairly popular one that has been photographed hundreds of times, but can you really blame those who keep coming here to replicate what they have seen? I will tell you, that no photo will do this scene justice. You just had to have been there, like most photos. I never take for granted the beautiful landscapes that surround me, because I’ll never know if this is the last one I’ll see….They can disappear without warning…

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New on 500px : The Tahquamenon Flow by WaltonGonawabi by WaltonGonawabi

Everything of that day was constant and gradual, the gentle cool breeze of the fall season, the water rushing over the edge of the falls, and my thoughts that ran through my mind, as I thought of the best way to capture Tahquamenon Falls..:) WG

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New on 500px : Water Painting by jasonjhatfield by jasonjhatfield

“Water Painting”
The water and sand of Archangel Cascades forming interesting patterns along the hike to The SUbway,

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New on 500px : The Gates of Rivendell by DerekKind by DerekKind

The perfect backlight on a series of waterfalls beside the road in Reyðarfjörður, Eastfjords, Iceland. Artistically processed in Lightroom, but it really was a beautiful (and unexpected) sight to see. 🙂

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New on 500px : Panther Light-mare by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

++view this bad boy on black++

I finally made the epic 3 hour (and some change) voyage to Panther Creek this weekend and it was definitely worth it, but man talk about tough shooting conditions! Intense spray accompanied by almost direct sunlight with scattered clouds. This photo was a rough one to put together; lots of multiple exposure blending, it didn’t turn out too bad though. All in all 7 hours of driving and several hours of post processing for one photo…. yikes haha, the things we do for photography.

Panther Creek Falls in spring light, Carson, WA


Prints: cwexplorationphotography@gmail.com


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New on 500px : Falls of Fantasy by DerekKind by DerekKind

Once again from my favourite dramatic waterfall, Lower Lewis River Falls, Washington, in Gifford Pinchot State Park. 🙂

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