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New on 500px : Fog Way by MF-Photography by MF-Photography

This is a Photo i have taken in a nice Forest…It was very nice to be outside…I hope you enjoy this with me and have all of you great Days! Thanks to all the Follower

via 500px http://ift.tt/1oL2YV9

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New on 500px : Starry Night Over A Barn by BrandtM by BrandtM

After seeing many spectacular shots of the Milky Way, I decided it was time to attempt one myself using a Palouse barn as the foreground canvas. The most rewarding part of the process was just being out there and experiencing the scope and grandeur of it all. It had been sometime since I took the time to pursue viewing the Milky Way in the summer sky. This is one of the great side benefits of our craft, it often forces you to slow down and get out there and experience the wonders of our universe.

This image is a blend of two, the fields and barn were taken a bit earlier in the evening to capture light and detail. It is best viewed on black.

Thanks for looking.

Michael Brandt Photography

via 500px http://ift.tt/VFZN7z

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