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New on 500px : as clouds go by by honjo1 by honjo1

o.k. I had this title a few month ago, but i heard this wonderful song from Frank Sinatra, and so i could not withstand.
celebrating ten minutes with a tree is a great kind of meditation,
this evening in a special way. the wind was blowing with force from west, the sky was every 10 minutes completely different. currently rainshowers makes a special feeling. in this way i spend two hours with this scene in different angles.
a farmer droved by and looked at me very oddly, I would like to know what he thought 🙂
wish you a good time!
see more of my works in sets, if you like

via 500px http://ift.tt/1ou8Gwi

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New on 500px : cloud burst! by honjo1 by honjo1

I am still trying with my new filters. this work is captured with a ND 110 from Lensinghouse. wish you all a good new week. if you like you can see more of my works in sets.
via 500px http://ift.tt/1j7rUUU
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