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New on 500px : Flowers and play of light at Castelluccio by hanskrusephotography by hanskrusephotography

This photo was shot on the day after the Abruzzo Umbria June 2014 photo workshop had ended together with some of the participants who stayed after the workshop for one day.

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New on 500px : Meso Invasion by IH-photography by IH-photography

Mesocyclone of a LP supercell which crossed the plain of Caen (Normandy – France) in early June.
The circulation under the wall cloud you can see here was amazingly fast.

A fabulous moment that Nature offered us… Thank you.

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New on 500px : Cumulus Humilis clouds by StehouwerandRecio by StehouwerandRecio

Cumulus Humilis clouds

Cumulus clouds mostly form as a result of localized pockets of warm air rising.
Cumulus humilis is the smallest form of cumulus clouds and results from relatively weak convection (humilis means humble in Latin). This produces clouds that generally have flat bases and small, rounded tops. Technically, a cumulus cloud is considered to be a humilis formation if it is wider than it is tall, as estimated by an observer on the ground. The height of these type of clouds is about 500 tot 1000 meter or 2000 to 3500 feet. It’s unusual that rain falls out of these type of clouds.

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New on 500px : ere the rain by bthottoli by bthottoli

before startting the rain shot from cove of maahee

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New on 500px : The Sunsetter by dennisoswald by dennisoswald

Going to the Great Plains and chase weather is a big adventure, my passion and freedom for me. If I am able to share moments like in this picture above with friends I’m happy.

This tornado had not injured any people and did not any damage.
It was just awesome to watch the cloud motion and the light.

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