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New on 500px : Silhouette Tarpa Choeling by olafrocksien by olafrocksien

Hardly no light inside the hall of Tharpa Choeling Monastery during the morning puja. The young monk sat concentrated and motionless, so that I took several attempts to get an almost clear shot of him.
Kalimpong/ West Bengal

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New on 500px : Monsoon by juliemayfeng by juliemayfeng

India, Kolkata, Monsoon

Rain makes everything so dramatic. Even though it’s uncomfortable to take photographs in bad weather, it gives us a good opportunity to capture the different moments. During the monsoon season, weather is extremely hard to predict. At the time, I was eating lunch at a street café. Suddenly it started to shower. I borrowed an umbrella from a stranger and ran out into the street. Although I was wet through and through, I was able to capture this fantastic monsoon scene.

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