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New on 500px : Into the Blue by kplimmer by kplimmer

Lake Matheson, Westland, New Zealand

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500px Editors’ Choice : Desolation by caseymac

Black sand beaches make amazing contrast with the white ocean including this one near Shelter Cove, California. I knew I wanted a figure in the scene to provide a little more contrast and break the smooth curve of the surf. What better way than to grab my surfboard and head to the beach myself. A self-timer remote capturing one shot every 2 seconds made this easy.

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New on 500px : Twin Peaks by kahkityoong by kahkityoong

I always feel that I’m going through the motions when photographing this iconic New Zealand landscape. The compositional options are quite limited and I’m never feeling overly inspired when setting out on the short hike to the best viewpoint. However the first few dreary and sopping wet sessions, I’ve hit a run of terrific light shows over Lake Matheson. In spite of the incredible light, I still find the actual photography of the scene rather boring. Perhaps that’s a good thing because it gives me more scope to enjoy the stunning views, the sun filtering through early morning fog and hearing the songbirds.

This one is a sunset image from last year’s New Zealand workshop. Our goal had been to photograph Lake Matheson however heavy cloud obscured the twin peaks of Cook and Tasman all afternoon. Since the itinerary was flexible, I waited as long as I dared before making a move. Without the peaks in view, I decided to head to a coastal location about half an hour away. Of course on arrival at this new destination I could see the peaks starting to reveal themselves. I immediately turned the car around, headed back to Matheson and ran like crazy around the trail. We arrived just in time to capture the sunset at its peak. While the view and light may have been breathtaking, I do recall being literally without breath as well from the effort of chasing the light.

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New on 500px : Count Your Lucky Stars – New Zealand by LukeAustin by LukeAustin

Count Your Lucky Stars – Motukiekie. West Coast, New Zealand. (sometimes you get lucky) Details for our New Zealand – South Island photo tour in September will be sent out by the weeks end to those that have registered their interest so far. If you are yet to do so please simply state “NZ trip” in the “your question” field on the contact page @ CONTACT Those that register will be given the initial opportunity to book a spot before it is announced elsewhere.
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