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New on 500px : Bunbury Sunset by JarradGrigg by JarradGrigg

Purchased a new lens last week and have been enjoying shooting with it so far. This was taken during a quick visit to Bunbury, where I grew up. The town sure has a few things going for it…

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New on 500px : Western Winter I by GlennCrouch by GlennCrouch

Facebook : Aegir Photography

Sunset over Lighthouse Beach, Bunbury, Western Australia. This location has basalt rocks which funnel the incoming swell. Rain clouds provided some interesting tones as the sun set.

Nikon D800 & Nikkor 16-35mm, Lee 1.2 GND filter. PP in PS CC using Nik Software and luminosity masks.

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New on 500px : Journey’s End by paulmp by paulmp

End of the line for this bus.

Unfortunately this bus was recently destroyed by a storm.

Pilbara Region, Western Australia

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New on 500px : The Boathouse by NealPritchardPhotography by NealPritchardPhotography

Where I live we have a boathouse of sorts that lies on the Swan RIver. To say this is the most photographed location in Perth would be an under-standment, there are tens or thousands of images of this place.

I really wanted to reflect the lone boathouse on the river and not dramatic skies or dark and moody grunge look. I see the boathouse as simply the last boathouse on the river and I wanted to reflect the lonelyness and peacefulness of the boathouse

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New on 500px : The Red Planet by ScottMcCook by ScottMcCook

Hi Guys,

Taken at the Pinnacles Western Australia. It gave me the feeling of being on another planet so I edited it to suit, I took my first Image at 4am and then waited 2 hours for the sun to rise and cast enough light on the foreground to have it in beautiful detail 🙂

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New on 500px : Contact by ScottMcCook by ScottMcCook

A fantasy type shot to give you the feeling of being on another planet 🙂 2 shots taken on the same night one for the foreground and another for the Milky Way, I wanted this to feel like you are on a completely alien planet 🙂

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New on 500px : Fly-in/Fly-out by miwifoto by miwifoto

MiWi Foto on Facebook

Here I am, sitting outside my room at Gap Ridge Village, Karratha enjoying a beautiful Western Australian sunset. The work camp is home to (at times) around 2000 fly-in/fly-out (or FIFO) workers associated with the mining and oil & gas industry in Karratha.

The common roster is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but some work longer. Sunsets like this one, after a long 12 hour work day can put a smile on your face, but nothing quite does it like flying home.

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New on 500px : Windswept – Wedge, Western Australia by LukeAustin by LukeAustin

The wind was blowing relatively strong on this particular afternoon up near Wedge Island a short drive north of Perth. The way the low afternoon sunlight lit up the sand blowing off the peak of the dune really caught my attention. I watched it swirl around in the air, constantly changing shape and form in the light. It was then I realised I had to work as quick as I could as I was getting sand up here there and everywhere! Good times though.

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