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New on 500px : Fly Away by Bavarian_DNA by Bavarian_DNA

At some point even the birds will travel away to a desired location, leaving behind a gorgeous place like this one. At some point you have to let go… At some point you have to learn how move on with your life… At some point you will remember this place or that beloved one… At some point you really should realize that you are still breathing… there is always will be “At some point” in our lives to either awaken us, remind us or to teach us a lesson in this life… For me at this point, i do appreciate each one who read this description and I’m happy to know him/her. We haven’t met face to face, but i love the idea of building respectful relationship between us even if we don’t meet. =================================================== It was the last Sunset at this beautiful city Como before heading to Milan in 2013. Love the place and it was a magical moment with my beautiful wife to watch the sun goes to the other side of the earth.
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