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500px Editors’ Choice : Gimlet Ridge by muchmor

View from Gimlet Ridge on the Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park. Another novice attempt at landscapes.
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New on 500px : Na Pali Gold by silentgphotography by silentgphotography

Happy Earth Day! Let’s start by saying awkward situations crack me up. And this was one of those situations. So get this: I was in Kauai recently (as if my shoving photos from the Garden Island down everyone’s throat every day for the last few weeks wasn’t proof). I spent just over a week shooting before sunrise through sunset, hitting nearly all the spots I wanted to hit…SOLO. I’m not an anti-social guy, but so often I prefer exploring by myself and shooting new locations on my own time. That was the theme of this whole trip. I wanted to see Na Pali Coast from the air and from the Pacific—from the air was no problem and I booked two doors-off helicopter tours with Jack Harter Helicopters (HIGHLY recommend them). However the boat access was a little tougher. Due to really high surf none of the boat tours were hitting Na Pali the days leading up to, and including the majority of my stay. I kept checking schedules and routes and would call all the companies daily to see if they’d take me to Paradise…and on my second to last day I lucked out…and contacted ol’ Captain Andy’s….for their romantic, sunset dinner cruise…. “Sorry Mr. G*&GT%&GB, but we’re all booked. We only have one spot left.” “Yeah. It’s just me [and 3 cameras].” “……….crickets………OK…………we have you down for…….one.” I’ve made this comparison about my trip in the past, but have you ever seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Remember that scene where Jonah Hill was breaking balls because Peter asked for a table for one? Apparently folks didn’t get the memo we’d be speeding through the rain, on choppy waters on the Pacific, so we could reach Na Pali before sunset. But me? Hell, I looked like I’d come straight from a 3-day music festival with my fat beard, beanie, and…clothes that would keep me dry and warm. While several of those dressed for a night on the strip were booting off the back of the boat, others complained about getting soaked, and this guy? I was filling up memory cards and throwing back Silver Bullets. But I was still the bearded ginger with 3 cameras. Oh, then what you see above happened. Suddenly I wasn’t a kook for going solo on a romantic dinner cruise. Next thing I knew I was out of business cards and the Silver Bullets were flowing like wine. Lesson out of this? Don’t be afraid to laugh through some awkward moments if that’s the only price to pay in order to experience something incredible. I will never, ever, ever forget watching a mother Humpback and calf breaching over and over under a sunset rainbow on rugged Na Pali Coast. And of course I kid–those guys at Captain Andy’s were super cool, and they fed us well.
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New on 500px : Masai Mara on Fire by mariomoreno by mariomoreno

A lonely Wildebeest and an acacia tree silhouetted against a Masai Mara sky on fire creating an epic scene. Image captured during the last photo safari I led last month. The 2015 departures are available to book now so go to Masai Mara Photo Safari for all the details. A last minute 8 Day Masai Mara “Special” in June 2014 is available to book before the 30th of April at only US$ 3,750 per person – All Inclusive. Contact me for all the details
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