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New on 500px : Cave of Light by caseymac by caseymac

Looks like it’s that time of year where Pfeiffer Beach photos start hitting the feeds! Let’s add to them with my version of this photo of the sunbeam through keyhole arch. Remember to get to this location early, as the tripod line is always tough to force your way into if you arrive late. Or, go in the middle of the night for a unique shot of this popular location.

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New on 500px : The Show II by silentgphotography by silentgphotography

As everyone and their dog posted images from Winter Solstice at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur I thought after the initial post I’d space mine as much as possible….but it’s not easy. When you see something this spectacular and have a hundred images you want to work on, it’s a test of will-power to be patient.

After the Big Sur fire in December the road to Pfeiffer was closed, but a local resident got a few of us in through a back road. Look at that sand. Not a single footprint. After this experience I’m not sure I’ll be shooting here at Solstice for many years to come, but it’s still my favorite beach on earth.

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