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New on 500px : AWAKENED by williampatino by williampatino

One of the most glorious light shows I have been privliged to witness.


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New on 500px : I see fire by myst1cal by myst1cal

I took this shot at a beach near wollongong, Australia at my recent world trip this 2014. the sunrise was just incredible and the whole mood was overwhelming..at the end i was very glad that i made it out of our camper at about 4.30 am 🙂

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New on 500px : Surfacing by williampatino by williampatino

I didn’t belong here, a part of me wanted to turn back, but I couldn’t ignore the lure, the call of the light.


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New on 500px : Hydra’s Fall by williampatino by williampatino

These are the moments I seek out, when your heart rate is up and you only get a small window of opportunity to get the shot. This fall only occurs during the right tidal and swell conditions. It is never really ‘safe’. Literally seconds after this was captured I ended up on my back with my A7R held high by my outstretched hand. My entire body was under a surging wave but somehow the camera survived, copping a light splash. My wife rarely joins me when I shoot, but this time she came and happened to film me getting knocked down. See it here if you want — http://ift.tt/RSQsXc

Stay safe out there my friends 🙂


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